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The Collections
Prismal Collection

These lamps punctuate spaces by asserting their art deco style. They elegantly punctuate a contemporary interior, both refined in their lines and refined in their glass work. Several lamps in the same interior recall, in touches, Parisian brasseries and 1930s living rooms.

Structural Collection

Expanded metal has become the recognizable trademark of the Marine Breynaert studio. The shades form a regular lace. The light lives through the mesh, it is not fixed, it moves and draws changing shadows.

Astral Collection

These small diameter lamps diffuse an intimate light. They decorate a bedroom, a bedside table next to a book. Comforting lighting, with character.

Boudoir Collection

A collection whose ashtrays and table lamps recall the designer's childhood, the fire in the fireplace and the cozy atmosphere of friends' tables. The standing ashtrays and brass discs summon Joséphine Baker, the Luxor and the art deco brasseries of the 1930s, always with subtle touches rather than decoration.

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